Callout from the programm group

mercredi 14 juillet 2010

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Participate into the programm of the camp :

If you want to do a discussion/workshop/expo, or something else that can be anounced in the NoBorderProgram, please fill in the form attached. It should make it possible for the program group to know who wants to organise what. The form is also important for contact/translation needs and material needs for whatever you want to do. We will collect all the forms and then try to put together a program that everybody could agree on. We would like to stress that one of the key principles of this camp is self organisation. So try to get other people involved in your workshop-proposal, maybe look yourself for some of the places where we could offer your expo/theatre...

we hope to have a lot of forms collected at the beginning of August... try to respect this deathline !


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