Callout from the Logistic group

mercredi 14 juillet 2010

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If you have any knowledge or equipement we can use, please contact us at Don’t forget to provide us the following info :

- What do you have
- When can we use it ? The whole week, one day, only the evening ?
- Who is going to take care of the material : are you staying to guard your material, will you operate it ?
- Will it cost something (preferably not of course)
- How will it reach the noborder camp ? Will you transport it, do we have to look for transport ?
- Some way of contacting you : email, telephone, fax, meeting place ?

We hope to hear from you all very soon, there will be regulary updates of the wishlist.

The logistics team.

The full list is attached as

RTF - 1.1 Mo


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IBAN : BE51 8804 9555 5162
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