mardi 1er octobre 2013

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Since July in Brussels, a group of 400 Afghan people – half composed of families with very young children – is taking action : demonstrations in front of the detention center for migrants in Steeokkerzeel, demonstrations at politicians, and so on.

On September 8, the group decided to occupy a building on Rue du Trône in Ixelles. It was a political occupation with one precise demand : stop all deportations to Afghanistan, a country devastated by a war in which the Belgian state is taking part. They also asked for a refugee status that would allow them to stay and work in Belgium.

This occupation was a place to gather and organize the struggle to obtain the claimed rights. Mid-September, during one week, the group has gone out every morning to demonstrate in front of the following politicians, in order to get an appointment : the minister of Interior Milquet ; the Afghan ambassador in Belgium ; the minister of War De Crem ; the State Secretary for Asylum and Immigration De Block ; the Prime Minister Di Rupo. This organized group of 400 Afghans is strong.

Too strong, from the state authorities’ point of view. Their determined struggle, involving daily demonstrations was visible and disturbing. To silence these Afghans, the state has chosen the repressive way : it sent its police to suppress the struggle : water cannons, tear gas, dogs, arrests and detention center for 47 of them..

The struggle of the collective goes on nevertheless. They keep on occupying public buildings to organize themselves. A new demonstration will be held in front of the Prime Minister’s office this Friday, October 4 at 12.15 pm. We call the whole No Border network to come and fight with them in Brussels. Let’s meet this Friday, 4th of October to reclaim the suppression of borders.   NOBORDER contact More info on :


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