mercredi 12 janvier 2011

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* The four people arrested for the attack of the police station have been released. The date of their trial is not known for the moment. *


State terror carried out by its repressive forces tries to silence rebellion.

SUNDAY 10TH OCTOBER AT 15 H to the ST GILLES JAIL, Av. Ducpétiaux, 106 To express our solidarity To demand their liberation

The No Border camp in Brussels from September 25th to October 3th has been a week full of encounters, discoveries, actions and attempts of actions, but this week has also been marked by a violent repression - based on police presumptions and on arbitrary apparency criteria - : systematic identity controls, body searches and searches of personal belongings, massive and arbitrary preventive arrests, power abuse, lynching, beating with batons, use of tear gas ...

Over the whole week, we have counted more than 500 arbitrary arrests, a lot of people injured and a generalized collection of personal data of participants to the demos. The worst facts took place in the Brussels police stations : sexual humiliations of some arrested women, threats of rape, tortures to obtain certain informations...

The repression of No Border marks a new increase of the state repression of all anti-systemic movements, where generalization of preemptive arrest is the most evident face.

Today, four comrades still are imprisoned, accused without tangible proof of having thrown stones to a police station. They are in the jail of Forest/Vorst. Three of them should have been released following the decision of the judge that heard them this Wednesday, but they will stay in jail for 15 supplementary days because the public prosecutor has appealed. The other one will stay in prison until the next comparison in front of the court. It is urgent to support the comrades in jail and to protest against this blind repression.

We call for a sit-in on SUNDAY 10TH OCTOBER AT 15 H to the ST GILLES JAIL, Av. Ducpétiaux, 106
To express our solidarity
To demand their liberation

Moreover, we would like to pursue the juridical and political work concerning the repression, during the No Border camp but also in a larger sense. We are calling ALL PEOPLE INTERESTED and willing to ACTIVELY EXPRESS THEIR SUPPORT to come, meet, discuss and organize

thursday OCTOBER 14TH to the occupied monastery of GESU at 19.00, Rue Traversière 2, St Josse.

We are happy to see how several organizations and groups start taking position on these awful incidents during last week in Brussels. However, we wish all participants at this meeting come in their own name.


Continue sending your complaints and testimonies about these occurring to the legal team.

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