Make a complaint for arbitrairy arrest and/or police violence

mardi 5 octobre 2010

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Last week in Brussels, the No Border camp was marked by widespread arbitrary arrests and police violence, including scenes of torture and sexual abuses in the police stations. These violences started from Sunday 26 and took a great extent from Wednesday 29 : there were over 500 arrests and dozens of people injured.

After an initial state of shock, quite some people (from Brussels and other cities in Belgium) are determined to not let these serious events without reactions : a few dozen complaints have already been sent to the legal team, a legal follow-up of the detained people is carried out, a demo against repression will take place soon. More and more organisations take position against arbitrary arrests ans police violence, some unionist react as well.

We send this email to ask that all persons arrested make, if they wish, a complaint and send it to the legal team, their contact. The more complaints we will have, the stronger we will be for the court cases.

For your complaint, we need :
- Your name and surname
- Your address
- Your date of birth
- (Optional, another way to contact you, mail or phone)
- A report as detailed as possible of your arrest and your detention (beatings, insults, humiliation, theft ...).
- If you still have injuries, a check up made by a doctor will be very useful.

To remind as it was not clear for everyone : the preventive arrests made by the cops are illegal in Belgium, the same as taking a picture of you if you gave your identity. So put all details in your complaint.

For people remaining anonymous during the detention, you can make a complaint about your arrest, but obviously it means that you have to give your datas to the legal team.

Forward this email to a maximum of people !


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