mercredi 22 septembre 2010

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Dear clownistanese,

Do you also need to take a break from this divided world ? Do you need to leave on holidays for an undetermined time lapse to a distant land ? Well then, welcome to Clownistan !

As Clownistan is everywhere and exists wherever we desire it to be, it will naturally be found at the No Border Camp in Brussels. The camp starts on Saturday September, 25 on the site of Thurn and Taxis and ends (never... ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaa !) on October, 3.

Brussels is already filling up with activists coming from whole Clownistan to erase the frontiers that deprive human beings of peace and freedom.

Become a Clownistanese at the No Border ! Once you arrive at the camp, you’ll just have to look for the Clownistanese flags (rainbow, red noses, smile, etc.) It will probably be the first (temporarily historic) capital of Clownistan. Immediately head (but above all with no hurry) to the Embassy where you will get to know the steps to follow to gain the Clownistanese nationality or, at least, a residence permit. You will then have fulfilled the requisite formalities and get the opportunity to take part in the creation of the magical Clownistan life ! Now a proud patriot, you will fully be yourself only once you have enrolled in the famous Clown Army, ready to clownify the entire world and start a (r)evolution !

Clownistanese identity (de)formation

The Clownistanese Embassy will give a free clownistanese identity training to the first arrivals in the afternoon of September, 28.

Long live undocumented migrants, and if you still got papers... burn them !


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