How to help out before the camp

vendredi 17 septembre 2010

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For the moment

- large wooden board
- 9 volt battery
- Chalk
- Whiteboard markers
- Big Barrels

Past call 1) Call out for help of the mobilisation group (Come and send your mailadress to

Friday 17th of september at 2 pm in front of Foreign office, chaussée d’Anvers 59, 1000 Brussels(close to North station) distributing tracts of NBC camp and No Border Manifestation during the manifestation of people without papers for their regularisation.

Saturday 18th of september at 7.30 pm, Avenue du port 23 ( Boat Biouel), 1000 Brussels(in between metrostation Yser and Ribaucourt) : distributing of tracts NBC camp and No Border Manif at the entrance of a hiphop party organised by 3 youngsters of the neighbourhood.

Big mobilisation day Sunday 19th of september (car free day in Brussels) gathering at 1 pm at the entrance of Tour and Taxis, rue picard 13, 1000 Brussels ( close to metrostation ribaucourt) (same entrance as where the camp will be !). Bring a chain with you if you can ! Come with as much as you can ! We need at least 10 people to distribute the tracts and talk to the people during samba session or theatre action or people in chains. We will visit three places around Tour and Taxis from 1 pm till 6 pm. ( 3 pm Place Pouchkin à Laeken, 5 pm canal bridge of sainctelette)

2) Call out for help of the group programmation

Saturday 18th of september at 2 pm at the squat Gésu, rue traversière 2, 1000 Brussels ( close to metrostation Botanique) : meeting about the programmation of NBC at squat Gésu during No Border Camp.

3) Call out for help of the group logistix (Come and send your mailadress ; au

On Monday 20 September we will meet at 19h00 to start the construction of the NBcamp : meeting to make our building-masterplan, make working groups, divide the tasks to all get it up in no time ; solid and sound (at least for a week) and start working from then on !


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