decentralized info point in the Gèsu monastery

lundi 13 septembre 2010

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A decentralized info point, where information on the no border activities will be available, will be settled up in Gèsu, an old monastery squatted by 130 persons (FR : one of their press release from february).

The people living there will organize a small bar with food and drinks, for financing the costs of fixing the building for the winter.

Furthermore, debates and expositions on migrations are organized in the building and in the church beside (give a look to the program).

Location : Gésu, old monastery squatted by 130 persons

Chaussée de Haecht, 8 (Beside the church and in front of Botanique)

From monday 27th to saturday 2nd and from 12 to 20.


COMPTE BANCAIRE : 880-4955551-62
IBAN : BE51 8804 9555 5162
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