Newsletter 13.09.2010

lundi 13 septembre 2010

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Newsletter No Border Camp Brussels 13/09/2010

How are the preparations for the No Border Camp going ? Is there any practical info about the camp ? You can read it all in this No Border Camp Newsletter. Check our website for more info.

Join the No Border Camp from the 27th of September till the 3rd of October.

Location : Tour and Taxis

The location of the camp is known now : Tour & Taxis. 11 rue Picard, 1000 Brussels. How to get there ? Check our site.

Bring your tents, sleeping bags, mats, torch and tooth brush... We are going to camp ! And if you want to leave your camping material behind after the camp : Some people staying in Calais and Brussels need it very hard.

We ask for a free contribution about 2 euros a day for the camp. So bring some money if you can. The donations for the kitchens are separated from the camp donations.


A decentralized infopoint will be set up in Gésu to inform about all No Border Camp activities. The Gésu is an old convent, occupied by 130 people. There will be different expositions and debates on migration in the old church (see the program).

Where : Gésu, Chaussée de Haecht, 8 ( Next to the church and in front of the Botanique)

When : monday 27th of september till saturday 2nd of octobre from 12h till 20h.

Setting up the Camp

Want to come a little earlier to Brussels to join us with setting up the Camp ? Come to the logistic preparation meeting on the 20th of September at 19h. Contact

The program

The newest version of the program is online. You can find it on the website.

Every day will cover a different migration issue :

* Monday 27/09 : European migration policy and the militarization of borders

* Tuesday:28/09 : detention and deportations

* Wednesday 29/09 : capitalism and migration

* Thursday 30/09 : the struggle of migrants

* Friday 01/09 : the militarization of borders

* Saturday 02/09 : Big No border demo day. 13h start at maximiliaan parc

*Sunday 03/09 : evaluation and cleaning up

What can you do ?

Your help will be welcome in many ways. Some ideas :

- Keep on mobilising ! Join us on the 19th of september to mobilise in Brussels on the car free day. Contact MobilisationNBC(a)

- Help building up the camp. All help is welcome. Plumbers and their tools are especially welcome. Buckets, water containers and bike locks too.

- Give money for the organisation of the camp : IBAN : BE51 8804 9555 5162, BIC : HBKA BE 22

- Join the welcome group, media team, the medical team, the trauma team, the juridical team, the neighbourhoodteam...

- Just come !

Urgent Issue in Brussels

At this very moment about forty persons without papers (mostly from the Balkans, Congo and Irak) are camping at the terrains of Brussels university ULB. They are in high risk of being deported. They need immediate help : Especially places to sleep (in Brussels) and food.

See you soon at the No Border Camp !


COMPTE BANCAIRE : 880-4955551-62
IBAN : BE51 8804 9555 5162
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