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dimanche 12 septembre 2010

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The media workgroup is contacting people to form a media team in Tour&Taxis.

We ask the press speakers to never talk as representatives of the whole No Border Camp. They speak in their own names.

The media team can point at some vision texts and a growing online press map of the Camp.

This media team could, as a Interface, have three main contact lines :

1. with mainstream press : organise visits, point at individual good talking activists that only speak in their own name, point at communiqués of autonomous groups, point at reports of alternative media, point at, be the main contact between mainstream press and activists. At the maximum there could be a kind of FAQ-list of standard answers to standard questions. A text on the why of solidarity between different strategies, has already been written, and could become also a consensus text to be pointed at.

2. with activists/autonomous groups : helping with press work through our press list and contacts, give press updates, organising press training (’how to talk to mainstream media IF you would want to’, etc), giving activist messages through (even via our press email address),...

3. with alternative media/our reporters : pointing at info from ; distributing HQ pictures from altmedia to mainstream press perhaps, working together in solidarity where needed or wished...

Contact the MEDIA TEAM : noborderpress(a)


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