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samedi 11 septembre 2010

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One of the principles governing the No Border Camp is the solidarity of all against police repression. Why is this ?

The No Border Camp is based on a basic, mutual demand, the free movement and settlement of persons. Based on the « shared » nature of our planet and on the refusal of every kind of domination, social as well as cultural, this demand unites us in a shared desire of change. All different, all equal, we also share the same uprising against a henceforth globalized system, of which we share neither the aspirations nor the « values ». Promoting plundering rather than sharing, exploitation rather than participation, commercialization rather than generosity and exclusion rather than tolerance, this system tries to divise rather than unite. Always. Because this is what happens when some people rule life of all and grasp their power and their privileges firmly. The deceiving layer of democracy that they display, a means rather than a philosophy, masks little of their unlimited avarice, but offers - because of it’s rather unequal application of legislation, which still is presented as "democratic" - a rather useful weapon against its opposants, who are then wrongly qualified as "anti-democratic".

So, while sharing the same purposes and the same aim for mutual respect, we don’t all share the same strategies and the same ways of action. But as we are conscient that nobody is always right and that even differing strategies can bring about strengthening, we accept and even cherish this diversity, this abundance of actions.

Of course, we will not like certain actions carried out by other people, they will seem rather inefficient to us, or even pernicious. This type of action will be judged by some as "playing the system’s game" although another one will be considered as " too violent " or "impopular". Some incline to civil disobedience, others think in a capitalist context you should affect the wallet, cause financial damage to the actors of the system that we are fighting. But we will not let us be divided. We are not deceived, refusing to be confined in the legal framework that they try to impose on us, we will not isolate actions from their context : we all oppose to a system where violence is intrinsic and everyday. Clear examples are the deaths at our borders, the detention and the increasing police violence.

We are also well aware of the fact that police repression is rarely proportional, sometimes blind and is not only targeted to " violent" actions, because every non-authorized action is quickly considered as illegal. The judicial system is serving the State, which is protecting the system we try to fight. It’s using law to limit possibilities to protest and to minimize its impact, through dividing protesters and arbitary repression.

For these raisons, we are all solidary against police repression towards actions planned to strive for our shared aim, a fairer world that is really democratic and with more solidarity. Solidarity will be found in our saying, our silences and our actions. Our security, our unity and our efficacity is at stake.


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