vergadering 5 september in rue royale 123

jeudi 2 septembre 2010

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De volgende No Border Camp vergadering gaat door op zondag 5 september van 10u30 tot 18u in 123, rue royale 123. Kom ook ! Probeer op tijd te zijn, want om 18u ronden we af.

Op de agenda (engl) :

1) working groups : every group should give a short briefing on the proceedings and on problems encountered, questions, and any need of help. Important issue emerging from this session will be re discussed in the afternoon.

2) afternoon agenda will be set according to needs of working groups

process group already selected some issues to discuss :
- find a clear consensus on mainstream media communication - press release
- We should quickly start working on neighborhood relations on site with inhabitants, associations, the mayors, the police, etc... I think mobilization group should start thinking about that
- Mobilization is a task for all of us : we should mobilize in Bruxelles and in Belgium : how can we help the mobilization group and the big demo group ? How do we organize handing out flyers, sticking posters...

- others topics selected by working group

And the usual other business
- functioning of mailinglists
- decentralized convergence cetre
- protection of sans papiers
- day/week of migrant women


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