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mardi 31 août 2010

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During the international NBC reunion of august 22 in Brussels, it was decided to relaunch the call out for our friends and supporters, in belgium as well as internation. Our medical team wants to be ready to deal with (physical and psychological) trauma’s during the NBC in Brussels, therefore we need you and your skills in this subject. We need this skills so that we can deliver our emergency aid in the best way.

What do we allready have : There is a medical team that coordinates. the contact person is Jean-Marc, a nurse, who you can contact via ; you can write him in french, english or german.

We will edit a brochure on first aid for activists which we will publicate on our internet site, we welcome all remarks and contributions for this brochure

There will be a presence of the medical team 24h/24h on the camp site, starting Friday sept 24, until Sunday third of october. there will be a medical van available equiped with four stretchers and that can serve as a consultation office for the medical team, and in cases of emergencies it will serve as ambulance. This van will be available from monday sep 27th until sunday third of october. there is an arrangement with a groupe of doctors in brussels who will visit the camp daily from 8pm until 10 pm from monday sept 27 until sunday 3 oct. The medical team permanently available at the camp site will have telephone acces to the general practicians if they are not present at the moment . We will provide FREE medical treatment for EVERYBODY without distinction. The medical team NBC will organise two workshops, the first on monday 27 sept at 8pm about our medical brochure, the second will handle more complex problems, and is planned for wednesday sept 30 th or thurday oct 1st. We are however open to other propositions or demands

What do we still need ? - people ready to take up a role as medical aid for activists, in the camp as well as on actions Nurses, psychologes, first aid helpers are welcome. If you do not have a first aid training, and you wish to learn the basis of first aid for activists you can contact us and you will join a team of 2-3 activists, your presence can help to assure the presence of first aid teams on camp as well as on actions, it is enough to have a level mind and a quick grasp of situations to be able to deliver first aind. If you panic, we will need someone to help you out.
- we have a material wishing list on the website, help us out !

Contact : medicNBC at


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