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lundi 23 août 2010

From September 25 to October 2 a NoBorder camp will be organised in Brussels.

For this occasion a Legal Team has been set up to provide a support structure for (international) activists in case of arrests, prosecutions, and repression during this gathering.

The NBC Legal Team is calling for international support during and after the camp. We´ve noticed during earlier anti-capitalist and NoBorder mobilisations that a broad support network is very important, but often lacking... For this reason we´d like to establish a loose network in order to rapidly exchange information about possible repression and legal troubles during the NoBorder camp. But moreover we call for groups to stay updated on the follow-up and respond accordingly if necessary, so solidarity can be a powerful tool.

During the NoBorder camp this Legal Team is planning to :
- Explain activists and affinity groups about their rights ;
- Monitor police behaviour during actions and demonstrations ;
- Give updates about the current legal situation of (imprisoned) activists ;
- Have consultations on site ;
- Intervene juridically in case of arrests.

We´ve prepared a guide about the rights of activists in Belgium. This guide has already been published on the NoBorder camp website. Keep in mind that this guide can always be subjected to changes, so please check the latest version on the website before heading to Brussels.

If your collective wants to contribute some help or would like to stay updated, please contact us through : juridixNBC[at]

For a world without nations and borders !

Brussels, August 23 2010


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