Objectives, claims, functioning, rules

vendredi 20 août 2010

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Objectives of the camp.

- Denounce the European migration policy
- Show how this policy is functional to capitalism and to relate it with other forms of segregation (imperialism,gentrification)
- Block the deportation system in Belgium
- Open a space for voicing struggles of migrants
- Organize an autonoumous and self-organized camp, develop and reinforce the European networks in struggle against fortress Europe

Principles of the camp

- Equal rights for everybody !
- No border no nation !
- Freedom of movement and of settlement for everybody
- Nobody is illegal !

Claims of the camp

- Against detentions and harrasments of migrants
- Against control, detention and criminalization of migrants and of whom is supporting them
- Against militarization of borders, repression and deportations
- Against exploitation of migrants
- Against the capitalist and authoritarian systems which cause wars, misery and forced exodus.

Principles for actions during the camp
- Actions are self-organized
- Participants to the camp are committed to respect diversity of action modes Participants to the camp are committed to be solidal facing repression

Functioning of the camp

- Every morning at 10am, participants are invited to the general assembly during which hand signals are used. This assembly will be systematically translated in French and English. Translations in other languages should be autonomously organized if they are needed. Decisions are adopted by consensus
- Different groups will be created (or manteined) in order to ensure the functioning of the camp, for dealing with logistic, financial, legal, medical, etc. aspects of the camp. Particiption to these groups is open to everyone and will be proposed to everyone during the general assembly. These groups will give briefings at the general assemblies
- A workshop “group communication and quick decision-making with consensus” will take place every day before the general assembly to make less experienced activists more familiar with the principles and processes which can facilitate the general assembly (facilitators) and with some decision-making tools (agenda, flowsharts, hand signs).

Camp rules

- As the camp is self-organized,a rescpetful and responsible behaviour towards all the participants is needed. This is your camp, and autonomy of action as well as responsibility are encouraged.
- Sexist, racist, violent behaviours are not accepted in the camp.
- It is not recommend to bring dogs to the camp.
- It is forbidden to take any kind of pictures and clips in the camp. During a certain time slot, previously communicated to the participants to the camp, escorted journalists will be allowed to take some pictures
- For minimizing the ecological impact of the camp, we should be careful about source and recycling of products we bring to the camp
- A team will be organized to protect the camp and everyone will be invited to join it.
- Commercial activities for profit are forbidden in the camp.


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