How does preparation of the camp work ?

lundi 16 août 2010

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General meeting

Process started in January 2010 with regular general open meetings taking place one or two days once in a month.

Working groups

Every working group works autonomously and has an own mailing list. They give resumes on their activity during the general meetings. It is still possible for everyone to join one or more working groups, at the condition of respecting past decisions and previous activity of the group. International meetings.

First international meeting took place on the 19th and 20th of June 2010. Next one it is scheduled for the 21st and 22nd of August. These meetings work with the same principles and procedures as the general meetings. With these meetings try to gather as many interested person from abroad as possible. The international activists receive an accommodation and they participate to the meeting with the same status as any other participant ; a constant on-site interpretation facilitates inclusion of everyone in the discussion. It was interesting during the first international meeting to split ourselves in sub-groups, however it should be stressed that decisions adopted in sub-groups must be confirmed by a clear consensus during the plenary meeting. It may happen newcomers in the process would like to question previous decisions. This can be beneficial or counter-productive, depending to the open-mindedness of the elder participants and to the comprehensiveness of the new ones. Process group should ensure every proposal is considered and every decision modifying previous agreements is accepted through a general consensus inclusive of everyone’s instances.

How actions/demos/ meetings during the camp are planned ?

The program group is responsible for collecting and coordinating local and international proposals regarding actions, workshops and cultural events. For sending any proposal to the program group, a booking form is available on-line on the NBC website. It should be filled and sent to the program group, which will give a detailed answer. If you don’t receive any answer, the process group will take care of complaints for neglected proposal.

Program group provides possible locations, time slots and the opportunity to include the activity in the program of the camp. For requests concerning financial aid or material needs, you should address your request respectively to the finance group or to the logistic group. Requests from individuals and financially autonomous moral persons will be taken in account. All the accepted proposals have an equal status. They will all receive assistance from the medical and the legal teams and will be supported by participants of the camp in case of repression, as specified in the camp principle’s list. These principles also state no local or international proposal will be declared more legitimate than the other ones, according to the self-organized structure of the camp . Everybody is free to decide what to do during this action week ; there will not be a "in" program and an "out" program, but just a program in which all activities will be included if coherent with the camp’s objectives. Only one big exception to these guidelines : the local Big Demo working group has worked from the beginning on organizing a big demo on the 2nd of October ; anyway the big demo will receive the same support as all the other actions. The Big Demo working group doesn’t take care of organizing any other action.

For not all the actions is opportune a public announcement. That should not discourage people willing to participate to actions or to self-organize actions. They will receive necessary information in time. Furthermore, a practical and theoretical workshop aiming to facilitate self-organization of actions is scheduled for the first day of the camp.


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