Callout for the medical teams

mardi 30 mars 2010

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1) What is the no border camp ?

From sept 27 until oct3thd a No Border camp is being organized in Brussels.

The build-up of the camp will start on sept 25th, with a lot of activities organized during the week and a big manifestation for October the 2nd.

A no border camp want to gather people who support the demands of no border and who want to gather to debate, inform, protest, view documentary’s and party.

The no border movement struggles against the European and Belgian migracy policy, for freedom of movement and settlement and for the abolition of borders

This event wil attract hundreds , maybe thousands of people , from Belgium as well as other countries. And to get things organized different workgroups have been established who take care of the practical organization, including one workgroup on medical teams.

Years of mobilizations and no bordercamps have learned us that if we gather to protest the brutality of the state, it’s borders or it’s social control, we have to prepare ourselves for the risks and trauma’s that such a protest can cause.

2) What is the medical team on this no border camp :

For the moment this medical team consist of but a few people , who have some experience or knowledge about medical first line help, First aid, Trauma support ,… and who want to organise the medical team on the no border camp. Bur they need help from more people.

  • The medical help we want to provide for the no border camp consists of :
    • A medical first line service for the camp itself : a place in the camp where people can come to if they have a medical problem
    • First Aid in actions teams : mobile teams of two or three persons who want to provide first aid to actions or protest that will happen during this week.
    • Trauma support : during protest or actions things can get rough. Talking about things that went wrong can help us to cope with possible trauma’s

The quantity and the quality of the support offered by the medical team will depend upon the material and the people we will find.

  • Goals of the medical team :
    • Prevention : hints on dangerous situations that can occur on protest and consulting people how they can protect themselves.
    • Searching for other groups willing to provide medical services.
    • Contacting established medical services for cooperations.
    • Finding medical equipment
    • Finding volunteers.
    • Develop an ethical code for the medic team

all help will be welcomed and much appreciated

3) What can you do for the medical team ?

a. Are you skilled or experienced in providing first aid, are you a licensed nurse or doctor, are you skilled or experienced in providing trauma support. Are you experienced in possible dangerous situations during protest, are wou willing to learn more about first aid on actions ?

b. Can you keep a cool head under difficult circumstances or pressure ?

c. Can you provide medical material or transport for the medical teams ?

Contact :


COMPTE BANCAIRE : 880-4955551-62
IBAN : BE51 8804 9555 5162
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