NoBorder : Hundreds of activists face thousands of police forces !

mardi 3 août 2010

Since the last Nomade, a lot has happened. Just a year ago, 500 people gathered, “welcomed” by 2500 police officers, to build a No Border camp in Calais and denounce a particularly aggressive and inhumane local political situation

Since then, nothing has changed really if not for the worse : at the end of the summer, Eric Besson (red. minister of migration) kept his promise of a clean swept : the urban jungle and squats of Calais disappeared one after the other under the bulldozers and the migrants were scattered across the territory giving the illusion of a good cleanup. However, once the press lost interest, migrants slowly came back and everything started again although this time round police forces are making sure they cannot settle, chasing them relentlessly.

What has really changed since the last camp is that the no border movement is now deeply rooted in Calais and that militants from neighbouring countries joined forces with local activists against the authorities.

There has been the hard and highly publicised evacuation of the Kronstadt hangar, hired out to welcome migrants, the eviction and destruction of the Africa House, an “African squat”, the closing of several places of housing for migrants...the last few months have been hard and exhausting for the many activists on site. A lot of discouragement, deception and weariness for the No Border network which has nonetheless gained a lot by the relentless vigilance, presence and circulation of the Calais Migrants Solidarity network over the internet and in grassroots organisations. Yet in Calais we are still short of people, equipment, money and means of actions against the authorities.

Meanwhile, in the minister of deportation and discrimination, Besson just can’t wait. He spent years waiting for this : in September, his 86 articles bill will be discussed in Parliament ! We will at last be able to align ourselves with the Directive of Shame passed last year by the European parliament and even go further in iniquity. The idea is for France to spearhead the European immigration policy. Soon the country will be turned into a large waiting room for immigrants without any respect for their rights. Then again, they will first have to find a way to avoid being tracked down and turned back by the European security agency, Frontex. How fun does the future sound !

Vichy probably rings a bell ; apart from the « integration » summit organised 18 months ago by Hortefeux for the benefit of all European immigration ministers. At a time when Europe is busy barricading itself, the No border creed is all the more necessary.

Freedom of movement for all and abolition of all physical, economical and social borders. Diversity brings us closer, exclusion only tears us apart ! Say no to nation states which locks up and brings down diversity whilst creating phony national identities behind which are hidden the political and economical interests of a few !

Say no to a European police state which arms itself to the teeth and promotes more CCTV, more over-equipped police forces and more repression inside the EU.


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